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How long do I have to finish the exam on each course?

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The problem i have is that I paid for the OSHA 10 hour course and I cannot access the course.

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I have been taking the OSHA 30 training and at the beginning of the training the player kept timing out for no apparent reason. Each time it did that It wiped out about 40min of my accumulated time. Now I am close to finishing the course and am missing hours. Is there a way I can get these hours back?

i cannot access my course this is kinda like a fukin fraud give my money back money is not item to give for free or been thrown away...

I completed the 30 hour Construction OHSA course in May and I still don't have a card with my name on it.  I received a letter saying my card was enclosed but there was no card inside and then they sent me someone else card : Danny Klimcak?  Sorry, Danny if you're waiting on your card,  Perhaps you got mine? Swap?  Let me know:


Hi Dan McCracken, we have created a separate Support Ticket for your concern.  Please check your email.

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Stewart Reeves

We already have provided you a response on your concern. Please follow this ticket so we can separately resolve your issue or concern:

Thank you!

Dear Mr. Clark, Jim

You have verified that your issue has already een resolved.


Thank you!

Dear Mr. Jeremy Myers

We have submitted the below ticket so we can separately resolve your concern or issue.

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Dear Mr. BIlly Johnston

We regret the inconvenience. We show that you have already been assisted by Bien yesterday. Please let me know if you still need further assistance.


Thank you!

I completed the OSHA 30 Construction course on 6/17/15 and still have not received my completion card. Consumer support tells me that my card was mailed out on 8/3/15. It is now 8/17/15 and still have not received it. One of your customer service representatives told me to take it up with my local post office, another told me that there is nothing that they could do, that I was " on my own". Another told me that there is only one card printed and once that card was mailed that was it. The way I see it is, is that I paid for and completed the training course and filled out your survey, all requirements have been fulfilled on my end and I still don't have what I paid for. I think that your organization has some issues on policy that need to be worked out internally. But in the meantime mail me my completion card or I will be forced to notify the Better Business Bureau and see what they can do to help me with your problems. In closing just remember one thing THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! This is how you stay in business. P.s. Completion cards should be mailed CERTIFIED MAIL. IF YOU DID SO THIS WOULD BE A NON ISSUE!!! Add the price to your course price and problem solved.
Can you please give a a next change to go over the test

I paid $495 for the 180 Hour Real Estate program and none of the courses in the details are available for me to take in the Dashboard. No one has responded to my voicemails/emails/or live chat requests to fix this issue. There is no 24 hour service and live chat does not work. 

Hi @Cody Hildebrand

We apologize for the delay.  We have sent you an email with your access information to your enrolled courses.

Thank you for your patience.