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Username/ID for TABC certification

I'm attempting to enroll in the TABC server certification to renew my certification. When I attempt to enroll, it tells me my username (e-mail) is already in use. When I attempt to login using that e-mail address, na dretrieve a new password, it tells me there is no record of that user.

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What do i do

Cant get my tabc certification

I am also trying to get my TABC certification but I cannot login, how do I register and make an account?

Im trying to get a receipt of how much I paid so I can get my money for what I paid for the course. But accidentally closed it. Help.

these people are just taking people's money. cant even access the course

I was getting ready to take my final exam and it lock me out. not able to take exam. What do I do Now?

Hi @Sue Ortiz

Kindly reply to the email we sent you today so we can assist you with your concern.

Thank you.