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Won't allow me to input my information for TABC

Every time I attempt to input my information required for reporting to TABC, a popup appears asking to confirm that I want to take the course without receiving credit.

Hi Carrie,

Please ignore the message on the pop-up screen.  Just provide your correct Date of Birth and SSN and your completion will be submitted to TABC.

Thank you for contacting Consumer Support.

For further assistance, feel free to contact us any time.


Consumer Support Helpdesk

I want to change my name in the certificate but I don't know how

 i have been trying to login back in with my username and password to finish my test it wont let me i call customer support no one answers it wont let me leave a message   i have paid for the course and i am getting no support at all from anyone. will someone please respond

Won't let me enter my ssn.

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