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food manager

Hi I took my course and the exam and I pass I need my certificate please can you help me I need it to say that I have pass and the expiration date

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I am looking for general information concerning your training course.  I also would like to know if you have a list of instructors on your website that is state specific so that we can refer food facility owners/operators?

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I am being told I exceeded the two attempts to take the food manager course but I have only tried once.  How can this be fixed without me having to pay a second time?

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I try to schedule Learn2Serve Certified Food Protection Exam on PSI Exams Online. I got the message This program requires pr- approval before you can site for the exam. I finished the course and got Certification of Completion Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles. How can I schedule an exam? Can any give me a help?

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I took my course and I passed my exam, I need my certificate with the expiration date, please can you help me? 

I just completed Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Course. Will the Learn2Serve Certified Food Protection Exam be based on everything I've learned in Safety Manager Course? Thanks

@Tai Truong

Hi, Tai Truong.

Some, if not most, of the questions of the Learn2Serve Certified Food Protection Exam is mainly based on the FDA Guidelines.  The Safety Manager Course, only discuses some points of the whole FDA Guidelines.  Some questions that will appear on the exam, may have not been discussed in the Safety Manager Course

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Ok. Thank you Mark. Is there a link to the download the FDA Guidelines please?

Hi, @Tai Truong

You may go to this webllink:

Hi,I'm Ana Jane Schulz ,I just toke an online testing exam for food handlers card while ago and passed.then required me to unable the cookies so I can pay the fee and my link was blew me and therefore I didnt pay yet and print the food handlers card.and my question was how do I pay my fees and get my food handlers card without taking a test again?please I need ur help,your answer must be appreciated..thank you
What do i need to renew my food manager certificate

You will be needing to retake the Food Manager Exam.