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Locked account

My Account has been locked and I don't know how to unlock it.

72 people have this problem

tecnical support 24/7? thats all baloney

im locked out too and i really need to finish my tabc class

How to unlock the account so I will be able to complete the quiz
Hello @Maritza Rivera We apologize for the inconvenience. We will have our Consumer Support contact you shortly via email to assist you. -
my computer froze on "please wait" and it then locked me out...please HELP


Hi @Kecera Blesi We apologize for the delay. We have forwarded your concern to our support team. You will be contacted shortly via email. Thank you.
How do I unlock a course I got locked out of? I've gotten no email on how to unlock it nor an email from the support team and it's been 2 days today.

@Alicia John Cox

Upon checking, you course, NY RE Salesperson has been unlocked.

I am locked out and no one is available

 I There anyway to get back to the course?

I complete all the modules when is come to Final Exam TREC Legal Update locked. how I can un locked the exam? why is the exam is locked? please response as soon as possible, I try to call your support line 3 times, #1 you have to hold very very long time, #2 when customer support person come on the phone they are very rude, un helpful. #3 hang up the phone all e times and my problem has been not solve. wish i know before purchase this course from 360training I will get this kind service I will never purchased the course.


im typing this for my wife who is pissed, locked out was advised needed to retake exam again, after completed 1/2 the exam, problem was in the security q I entered the wrong answer then clicked the little x in the box to correct my answer and they say I X'd out of the program and it has been verified, WTH

Locked out after 2attempts for a test??? Starting new job 5am and I needed this cert!  Thanks..

I locked out after final exam.

you people better fix this I don't have money io waste on this crap