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Course Issues


I am trying to log into my course and when I click the button to open the class it takes me to a new page and says that the address is not found. 

Has anyone had this issue and could you point me in the right direction?


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Hi Molly,

You may be accessing your account through the main 360training website.  Instead of  doing that, you can try logging in directly through the 360training learning management system:

Go to:

You should get this screen:

Hope this helps.

Let us know if you need further assistance.


Consumer Suppor Helpdesk

please i need immediate help.. does anyone know how to unblock a course .. i pressed enter twice on a security question by accident and it blocked me from my course i need to finish it by today!!

I have the same problem as Janely

I am not able to log in to resume my course.

I can log in but can't resume my course. Many of the courses start to load and freeze up around the 80% mark. I even tried this from my personal computer at home with the same results. If the company Adminstrator can't get it to work the employee's can't either?

all of my courses will not allow me to continue for "undefined" reasons. How do i continue them?

Hi I'm trying to complete the needed course for EL Tiempo Cantina on proper food handling and everything is in Spanish. Plz switch videos, captions, audio, and writing back to English plz. Thank you

@Michael Gutierez

Kindly provide us the username of your account.  We tried using this email address:  However, the profile that we were able to pull up appears to be an old account with course enrollment dated 2014.

I can't begin my course. It keeps telling me to close and relaunch.  

I am unable to log in to my course. When I click on courses, it takes me to a brand new signon. At that point, your system does not recognize my email, name, or password. Cannot log into my course whatsoever.

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