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Have not received hard copy of card, want refund.

Its been since January of this year and I still have not gotten my health card. I want my money back this place is a joke.

I never go my card, I complained before, I took it last year. The thing I got from them just says congratulations you completed it. I complained in January and still have received no certificate. It keeps asking me for an order number which I don't have although I paid money for it


My certificate that you print from the online course after you complete the course is a joke. Wallet card on the side of the certificate. The certificate looks very unprofessional. For all the money I spent on the course  that's all that is available? I am still waiting on a response from my original email 2 days ago.Or will this just go ignored like so many other requests on your site....


My OSHA card said it was supposed to be deliverd March 9 and still have yet to get it
If I do not receive my card or soft copy like I was told the authorities will get involved and I will get a full refund for my course so I would like to hear from someone ASAP
Need a refund
I have an employee that I need to get a duplicate OSHA 10 card for.  How to I accomplish this?
Thank you


Hi @Kim McDole

Thank you for contacting

We have sent you an email to answer you inquiry.