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My job does not recognize this service. I need to go through the to obtain the only aporoved food handlers card. I would like the money i just paid refunded please.

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I think I signed my employee up for the wrong course but I cannot seem to find out how to change it or even if it is the wrong course.  is there a live person somewhere?

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I was charged twice

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I was charged twice

I ordered the OSHA 30 Construction course August 17th, 2016. It told me it would take 3-4 business days??? Here it is September 6th and I still have not received my course!!!!! Plus on top of that everytime I log in it takes me to the dashboard but as soon as I click on courses it logs me off!!!!!!!!! IS this SHIT a scam or what I need to know ASAP my boss paid for this and now I have to explain to him how I wasted $169.00 of his money!!!!  


i don't need the class anymore i will need a refund pleas

Hi @Fabrice James Penet

I see that someone is already in contact with you regarding your request.  

You will receive updated via email.

Thank you.