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Bought a tabc certification and I went to go take my course that I have bought and there was nothing there

I don't understand as to why I filled out a form and application I filled out all this information I got money taken from me to buy the TABC course and I haven't yet received it so I can take it on my courses on here

19 people have this problem

can't start my course

Me neither.... have tried so many different times now it tells me it doesn't know who I am at log in..... the same address and password I have used numerous times just trying to located said test..... still... NOTHING.... 2X I have paid for this course and STILL NO TEST TO TAKE!!!!!!!
SAME PROBLEM !!!!!! I have paid and reached out and have gotten emails that this problem has been fixed and YET still no test to take !

have anyone gotten any support from the site yet? i can't start mine either. 

Same Exact Problem!!!