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did not receive certificate in mail

I completed the exam in March and was promised that the certificate will be mailed to my home address. I have not received the certificate. I called the support line on 04/14/16 and they told me to check with the post office.I checked with the post office and they do not have it. I would like to have a copy of the certificate mailed to me please!!

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I also have had this problem.
I also have the same problem
I've had the same problem and took test in February and it's now end of May still with no card
I have also had this problem!
I will be reporting 360 training to the better Buisness bureau. I should not have to go through All of the issues that I have been taken through just to get my certificate. I recommend to anyone considering taking any courses with them to go else where. I have been waiting almost 3 months after leaving emails and voice messages and I still do not have what I payed for.

I have not received my certificate for the completed course.  I have completed the course and paid for it in January, where is the certificate?

did i m eligible for outreach 30 hours general industry being living in Asia?? please guide me


I did my OSHA 10 course last year in August and here it is a year later and I haven't received my wallet card.
I knew it is not just me! I completed osha 30 hours four month ago. They claimed the card was sent to me in September. I never received it. So I changed my address from work to home, and paid for a replacement! Again! Never received it!! I am tired ordering card back and forth, so I asked for a digital version of card, so I can print it out myself. Guess what, they send me a image of card with only 35kb size!! The image quality is so bad, the only thing I could read is the big osha logo and my name! No matter I zoom in and zoom out, the image is so poor that anything else is unreadable! I asked for a better quality image, and they told me no! that's the only digital record they have. It really looks like a ps fake one! and I start to think maybe this whole program is a scam!! Besides certificate of completion from 360 training itself, I never received anything officially from OSHA!!
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Dear @Zhaodong_zd

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  We will have our support team contact you today to sort this out.

Thank you.