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Locked out after 2attempts

I need this cert for 5am to start a new job doing commercial plumbing and I can't reach customer services technicians really professional... and I paid like 75$ for this..

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I need to complete this course ive been locked out please help

I have also been locked out and need to finish 

i need help been forced to log out due to freeze on video now i cant finish course, I NEED THIS FOR JOBS HELP PLEASE

I need to complete this course ive been locked out please help is not the first time

Same here been locked out twice...

I have been locked out in the middle of my 1st attempt on my final test, I need help.

same here locked out

i have been locked out after using my two attempts which one i did use it but the other one i was trying to do my exam and i didn't get to do it they locked me out and once i got to read my email i couldn't get in anymore it said i had use y two attempts . what can i do? i really need to finish my exam ..

I had the same problem and asked for a refund, which I received.  If you are doing your TABC/food handling permits I suggest you use


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what can I do if I fail the exam twice do I need to pay for it again

course locked me out, saying i already had 2 attempts made, even though i never even finished the first attempt to pass or fail, im gonna lose my damn job because of technical difficulties, i paid $40 for this, i demand to whom ever in this "support" for this site help me and let me continue the course i paid money for and will possibly lose my job if i dont get the help like right now. please just someone help me

I have been locked out my Final due too computer shut down, can I please have a rest ASAP?

Hi @Tamara Carter

It appears you were able to connect with our support team a couple of days ago and got assisted with your concern.  Let us know if we can help you further.

Thank you.