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Haven't Recieved Official Card Through Mail

It says the card takes 6-8 weeks to be delivered to your house and it's been more than 6-8 weeks . I need my card to start work

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Changed shipping address online long before card to be mailed... Still sent to former address.
Where is my Osha 10/hr CONSTRUCTION card. I have completed my on line training since March.16,2016 and still I am waiting for it to come in the mail. It's been three months!
Haven't received my card and I completed on 9-14-15. I need my card to work.

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Why can't you send me a wallet card?

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I have no wallet card


I completed the coarse 01 / 2016 and have not recived my wallet card it is 8/17/16 now how do 

I get the card? 

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