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How long is the certificate valid for after completing the 30 hr course?

How many years?

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Hi @Shane,

With the exception of  NEW YORK & NEVADA, OSHA certification for all other states does not expire.  It is a lifetime certification.  However, if you are working for an employer, they may require you to retake the certification, depending on their need or a client's need.

For New York and Nevada, OSHA certification expires after 5 years.

how long do I have to wait after 1st test failed?


Hi @Peter Viphakone, Kindly specify the test you are taking with 360training. -360training, Consumer Support

Hi @Peter Viphakone

Upon checking you had your first attempt for the Test.  We have sent a request to PSI to give you eligibility to schedule for your exam retake.  You should receive an email notification from them once your eligibility is established.

In case your 2nd attempt on the exam is not successful, there will be a waiting period of 30-90 days or until the new set of exams is published.  A $25.00 testing fee is required.

- 360training, Customer Support

i like to know what happend to my 10 hours osha i have ceritifation i sign in try to get me card for my pocket but they never mailed it

Hi @timothy d  perkins

Thank you for contacting Consumer Support.

You will receive an update regarding your inquiry via email.

Thank you.