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Amazing Customer Service (thank you very much)

This is not a problem to report, but, I didn't see any other place to post any type of praise, but, I have to give credit where it is due.

I had a very odd situation where I started a course for Food Handler, and for some reason or another got timed out, and logged out. For some odd reason the system didn't have me as a signed in member, but I bought the courses I was required to take for my employment.

I recently went though a hardship, and money is extremely tight, so every dollar counts for me. Janella Cagascas was able to credit me the courses I bought after providing proof of purchase.

Their isn't many people let alone companies that are willing or able to go to the lengths that she went to make sure I could complete what was asked of me.

Janella Cagascas I can't thank you enough., you have a fantastic employee working for you. If possible please do something to show her that you and I appreciate what she does day in and day out, or at the very least, let her know I said thank you.

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