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Cant log in or get anyone to help me

 It keeps saying it doesnt recognize me when I log in. So frustrating. Waited on phone forever to help and couldnt get anyone to pick up

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same fucking joke here^^^

Me too! I'm wondering if this is a system-wide issue. Paid too much money for this to be happening

Try worked for me

How did you get it to work there Timothy?

That doesn't work. Not sure how you got it to work

Have you been able to log in Valerie?

I tried many times, still sane issue

I've been reading reviews on this company and It's all been bad. I will be requesting a refund whenever someone wants to do their job and answer

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I called the company no one is answering, im organizing my time to study for the course, this is a waste of time. Thanks 360 training

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Please help trying to make time to study please fix this issue or at the very least get back to us about this system error.


me too this a bunch of ish

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