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Course updated - now will not play to continue training

When I log in now and click on the course that I am about half way through, the player screen comes up and says that the course has been updated and to close and re-launch.  No amount of re-launching or logging in/out seems to fix this issue.

5 people have this problem

I am having the same issue.

Yes, I am having the same issue

Same issue

Same here, and it takes a long time to get an answer!

I was able to get in... Not sure how, but it let me in :) 

Thanks.. I will try again!

I am having the same issue

I tried to post yesterday but it didn't upload here...

I received an email back explaining I should clear my cache, temp internet files, etc. to keep the play from "responding slowly" and to use a recommended browser.

I responded that I have already done all that.

I received another response yesterday afternoon that they are aware of the problem and attempting to resolve and will advise.

So we'll see, I guess.

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