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Course Locked

I accidentally entered the wrong answer for one of my security questions, and now I can't access my course. I've been waiting for an email for over an hour now. Help please.

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I accidentally entered wrong answer to security question now course is locked

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when i login to continue my course, the circle keeps clockwise n never stops to start the course



my course is locked ,,how do i unlock it ,,

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i accidentally press the enter key and it locked me out


My course locked at the assessment page with 20 questions when I was 40 min into the course. How do I get back into the course to resume taking it?


My coarse is locked!!
My course is locked

If I answered a security question wrong how do I get my course unlocked?!!!!!

Course locked what do I do next do I have to pay again
No puedo acceder a mi curso
I need my course unlocked ASAP!! This 24/7 Chat customer service is ALL LIES! Nobody is available!

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need course unlocked asap please

So much for great customer support available 24/7. 

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