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No link or way to start course

Learn2Serve Arizona Off-Premises Title 4 Basic Training & Certification Exam.. I am not showing where I can take the course yet online..

help please?

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I made my payment to take the course yesterday and I have no courses online..but my payment was taken from my account. I would like to take the classes but they aren't on my courses yet...

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I have the same problem I see prep courses but not the primary courses and I can get anyone on the phone or online to help me?

Same problem!  The exam for food handling safety is there but there is no course.  I left a voice message earlier this morning with NO CALL BACK! 


im not showing where i can start taking the corse on line

Just paid and no materials on the dashboard.....

Left a written message after waiting to chat live... Hopefully there will be a response soon. 

HI @Melissa Eakin

We apologize for the delay.

Upon checking, your course enrollment has been processed.  You will receive an email shortly with instruction on how you can access your courses.

Thank you.