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Course locked

My course decides to get locked on me and  waited over an hour for a response on the 24/7 online but no reply.... i need it to not be unlocked ASAP or I want a refund.

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Hi @Katherine Dao,

Upon checking, your course, learn2serve Louisiana Responsible Vendor has been unlocked.

You may now continue taking your course.

Please be reminded that the validation questions will be randomly asked while in the course/exam. Be sure to answer them correctly and within 30 seconds to avoid being locked out again. You may also unlock your course/exam by clicking the “Unlock My Course” button located inside the course player. Our system will automatically send an email to you containing instructions on how you can unlock the course/exam. The automated email may land in your SPAM or JUNK folder.

Kindly note also that you may also reset your validation answers by going to your MY PROFILE page. The validation information is found towards the bottom portion of that page.

Thank you.

I looked and looked and cannot find validation info in my profile anywhere and no one ever answers on the online support

Hi @Kayla Harp'

We tried to search an account associated to your name and email address. Unfortunately, we are not getting any results.  We sent you an email just now.  Kindly reply.

Thank you.