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Accessing purchased courses

I've purchased the food manager course and exam, enrolled and could see courses yesterday,  but when I log in today and go to my courses, nothing comes up as an accessible course

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Hi @Emmeline Hill

We are working on your concern.  Kindly reply to the email we sent you today.

Thank you.

I am having the same issues accessing my purchased courses.  I have the purchase receipts but the courses themselves are nowhere to be found.  Please advise

Hi @Jayson

Kindly provide us your order number.

Thank you.

Here is my order# 5579157

Hi @Jason

Thank you for that information.

Your courses are now available on your account.

My problem is not resolved

i too am having the same issue.

Order Number: 5628451

Order date:  February 23, 2017

Same problem, paid for two courses and can not access them. Already contacted customer service once. They are still not available 

@Metz Bradley

@Megan Will


We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are now looking into this.  Please stand by for an update.

Thank you.

I am also having this issue with a recently purchased course.

Order Number: 5642718

Order Date: February 27, 2017

I am also having issues accessing a recently purchased course.

Order Number: 5642718

Same problem I was cut off 5 time by representative who stated that my name was some one elses.  Even after I have then certificate no, exam number, they asked for my credit card, because that was the only way they could find the order.  Yea ok scam  order no 10389

@Sharon Heath

Where did you complete your training, was it online or through a live class?