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Refunds Will Never Be Given

You have to cancel your course before midnight of the third day or you will not receive your money back.  Here's an interesting oxymoron:  The course takes more than three days, and after three days, it starts not recognizing you, doesn't give you credit for previous tests taken.  I have taken one test, got a 100% and when I went in to finish, it shows that I haven't even started!!!!  This is a Money Sucking Money Grubbing site and this forum is on their website which means Nothing Will Be Done!!!  We need to complain to the US Attorney's Office!!!  Yelp!!  Better Business Bureau!  This place is A JOKE!!!!

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Dear @Julia Curotto,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Kindly reply to the email we sent you today so we can process the refund.

Thank you.