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support is obviously not 365 days a year 24 hrs

Sunday night January 1. The website is obviously down and not a sole responding or available.  Email response to ticket; they will review and contact me within 24 hrs.

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I have the same issue.


I'm having the same exact issue. My exam is due at midnight tonight and it said I passed then froze up, I hope it went through, today was the deadline for me to finish it.

Hopefully it comes back up in the next hour or so. Very frustrating
I'm supposed to have my Hazwoper 40 hr done by tomorrow as well. I've busted my ass all week getting it done. I only have 2 hours left and then it crashed. Error 404

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this is terrible!!

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Did you guys send a support ticket in? I did already but just figured the more the better.

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I did

Yeah, I did as well.

same problem here i hope i didnt lose the last 5 hours of work i just did

Yes, sent in a ticket.

Its letting me log in but when the actual class pulls up it says session has timed out. So im guessing someone is working on it

Good to know! Thanks Kyle

Mine just started working well see if it holds out just a heads up!

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