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What if I don't have a laptop or PC but have a iPad?

What program do I need to have on my iPad to take a course?

Has anyone done a food servers course on their iPad?

Hi @Neva Smith

Thank you for your inquiry.

We would primarily suggest the use of a regular laptop/desktop to access our courses due to the nature of our course platform.  Our course player works well with windows because it supports flash programs.

However, many of out learners have used Apple Mac computers to take our online classes and they have not reported any major issues or problems.  We assume an iPad has a similar framework as with any Apple products.  

If you will be using an iPad, we suggest that you download and install the latest version of Google Chrome for iPad.  Safari may not be able to run our courses properly.

*Please note that our technical support staff may be unable  to provide help to Apple users should you encounter difficulties.

I have a nextbook.  Will I be able to take the food handlers course on that?

Hi @Neva Smith

It depends on what Nextbook model you have.  Some Nextbook models does support flash players and some (older models) does not.

I have a Windows 8.1 

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