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locked out of my course and need to finish my last 7 hours

I have been having problems with the web site since I started the program... The player wont work... the page keeps crashing or it is just a blank black or white page depending on the mood of the site.

I have called customer support a few times and nothing really has been done or worked. I tried to log on today and my account is locked (first started on 7/12/2016) I have 7 more hours to finish, spoke with Maylene from the Austin Texas call center and she said there was nothing that could be done to unlock the site as it is a 6month time period(regardless of the problems I was having with your site).  She said there are no supervisors or bosses available on the weekend and we have to call on Monday.  I need to finish this class this weekend as I work 6-7 says a week and this is my first full weekend off where I can sit down and finish my course.

I need to speak with someone regarding unlocking the course or refunding the money back.  something needs to be done or I will be issuing a complaint with OSHA and the CORPORATE OFFICES.


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Hi @Deemang79,

As per OSHA Program Requirements, under Class Duration (B)

Each Outreach Training Program class must be completed within six (6) months of its start date. This 6-month requirement applies unless the Authorizing Training Organization has granted an exception, in writing, to the duration requirement. A written request for an exception to this requirement must be submitted by the Outreach Training Program trainer to the relevant ATO address indicated in Section IV.A., and received by the Authorizing Training Organization at least 60 calendar days in advance of the scheduled training start date. Documentation must be submitted with training details and include the reason why the Outreach Training Program trainer believes an exception is necessary. Only one exception will be permitted at a time – a request by a trainer for an exception will be rejected if the trainer was previously granted an exception for a course that has not yet been completed. An exception will only be granted in unusual, extenuating circumstances. OSHA does not consider cost savings, trainer availability, program or workplace time limits, or missing work to be extenuating circumstances.


It appears you have been assisted by one of our support associates to restart your training again.

Please contact us any time for further assistance.

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