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No link or options to start course

I set up my account today and paid for the Arizona bar manager/ restaurant alcohol training and there's nothing to click on. The payment was taken but it says I haven't enrolled in any courses. Why is this???

4 people have this problem

HI @Heather Stebbins

We're more than happy to assist you with your concern.

We sent you an email today requesting for your order number.  Kindly reply to that email with your Order Number.

Thank you.

Hello! I am having the same problem as well. I have purchased the Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training course for three people, but we have not been enrolled in the course. 


When will my courses I purchased be available? How do I get to them. Why do I keep getting emails rerouting me to new sites? Live chat is not working. What is going on here?


Hi @Ashley Whitacre

We have one of our support associates contacting you vie email.

Kindly check.

I have the same problem

same over here

i have the same problem can not access my il basset


i just purchased my Illinois basset alcohol and food handlers course and ca not go to the courses and no one is answering the live chat. I need them to start my job. I need someone to answer my question

my order number is 5758903

my order number is 5758903

I'm having the same problem. I have purchased several courses, some free, but I never saw then displayed on my dashboard. I recently paid for the 10hr OSHA training and I cannot begin the course. Called support and no one answered. STRANGE