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Locked out exam

I'm trying to take my exam for managerd foodsaftey and Iwas locked out

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Hi @Danielle Parker

Thank you for contacting

We have checked you exam, Texas Food Manager Exam (English).  It appear you've had attempted to complete your exam twice.  However, these attempts show as invalid.  We have unlocked both attempts for you.  You may now access your examination.  You have 2 attempts to pass it.

Before accessing your exam, please take note of the exam guidelines and restrictions:

· Close out all other programs on your computer such as email accounts, messenger etc.

· Once you have the exam window open you are not allowed to click outside of that window

· Do not change the size of the window by neither maximizing nor minimizing it

· It is advisable to use a steady cable internet connection because a wireless or WIFI connection may cause intermittent loss of connectivity to the internet and may lock you out of the examination.

If you need further assistance, you may contact our support hotline at 877-881-2235 or send an email to

Thank you.