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I purchased my course and it is not in my courses.

I purchased the Texas Food Handler Training Course, I recieved the e-mail stating that my order has been recieved with my receipt attached, yet the course is not in my courses. I would appreciate if I could get help to activate it or a refund, Thank you.



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Hi @Jeanette Tijerina

Thank you for contacting

Upon checking, on of our support associates have checked on your concern.  Your course is now available on your account. You may log on to this llink: to access your account and course.

For further assistance, feel free to contact us any time.

Thank you.

I'm having the same problem and the "Live Chat" is unavailable, no one is free to answer the support phone lines and after reading all these other comments, I'm sorry I decided to go with this program.  I will be informing our county health department that this program doesn't deserve their recommendation.


make a ticket stating the course and problem i uploaded mine at night and got my course manually added by the early morning

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Im having the same problem as well. Waiting to hear from support.

I regret the inconvenience.

It shows that you have already completed the Texas Food Handler Training Course.

Feel free to contact us back.

Thank you!