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Can't access course

I have been trying to reach a live chat or phone call to your company with no response on either end. When I call the phone number, it tells me I can reach out to 24/7 support, I am put on hold saying I am the 2nd caller waiting in line and then the phone hangs up. This is extremely frustrating and does not look good for this company. I am trying to access my course and the pop-up window keeps saying 'Session timed out.' The company has been having online issues since Friday and I was kicked off my courses several times, making it difficult to finish my courses in a timely manner.

Please let me know how we can fix this problem. 

Thank you. 

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I have been trying to access my course since 8:30 this morning, with no luck. No response from support either, I'm pretty frustrated with the service.


Wow! this is a disaster everyone should get a refund this is unfair. no response or follow up from any of your support staff online and on the phone unbelievable IM definitely going to report your company to the department of consumer affairs!!! this inconvenience is uncalled for!!! 

I've also tried accessing the course the past 2 days, I've had success before then but am trying to finish this course and I get the same error. It goes to the part of the lesson where I last left off and it says "connecting to server" on the bottom right hand screen but never goes past that. I had an online support chat with Love Joy and she advised to wait 30 minutes and log back in. UGH. 

I second this. This website is extremely dysfunctional and their support is terrible. 

Our technical team advised that the error in the course you reported has been fixed. We would like to confirm with you that you are now able to continue your training.


If you feel that the concern has not been resolved, please reply at any time.



Customer Support Desk