Question: What is a passing score?

 Answer: The State of Utah requires that students score 75% or higher to pass each lesson quiz and must score 75% on the test at the end.


 Question: How many times can I retake the quizzes?

 Answer: Lesson quizzes can be taken as many times as you like.


 Question: How many times can I take the test at the end?

 Answer: You have 3 attempts to pass the test at the end of the course. You must score at least 75% (30 out of 40 questions) to pass. If you do not pass the test in 3 attempts, the course will end  and you will not be issued a permit. To try again, you'll need to purchase a new enrollment and start from the beginning.


 Question: What's the minimum time needed to complete the course?

 Answer: There's no forced minimum, however, the course is designed to deliver at least 75 minutes of content, and it generally takes about that long to complete it. Your experience may more or  less time depending on your reading and test speed.


 Question: How do I get my certificate / permit?

 Answer: After completing the course and passing the test, you'll receive a temporary printable certificate of completion. This certificate will be legally valid for 30 days, allowing you to work as a  food handler in Utah.  You can download and print this certificate from your LMS account. Your official Utah Food Handler Permit will be mailed to you within 30 days of course completion.


 Question: How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

 Answer: To print your Certificate of Completion please go to the "My Courses" section of your LMS profile, and from the "Show" drop-down list select "Completed Courses".  Once selected,  please click on the "Print Certificate" icon in blue to print your Certificate of Completion.


 Question: Will I have to pay any extra fees to get my permit?

 Answer: No. The $15 Permit Fee was included in the purchase price of the course. We send fees to the appropriate health district and they will mail your Food Handler Permit to the address you  supplied in the course.


 Question: Will I need to go to my local health district office to get my food handler permit?

 Answer: No. When you complete the course, we send the necessary fees and information to the health department for you, and they will mail your Food Handler Permit to you.


 Question: How long will my permit be valid?

 Answer: Your food handler permit is valid for 3 years. Your Certificate of Completion is valid for 30 days.


 Question: Are Food Handler Permits from other states honored in Utah?

 Answer: Generally no. There's one exception for certain exempt back country food establishments.

 "The local health officer shall accept a food handler permit issued to a back country outfitter by the United States Department of the Interior, or by a public health authority in Arizona, Colorado,  Idaho, Nevada, or Wyoming. This applies only to food handling done at a back country food establishment that meets the exemption requirements of Section 26-15a-105(1)(i)."


 Question: I took a different food handler course from 360training or  Will it count for my Utah Food Handler Permit?

 Answer: No. The Utah food handler course has different content, a different exam and the fees and reporting are unique to Utah.  Only the Utah Food Handler course will result in a Utah Food Handler  Permit.


 For further questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact Customer Support.